We're Hiring!
We are adding a new rockstar Hanson Roadie to our team. 
To apply for this position position, please submit a cover letter and resume to hansonroadhiring@gmail.com.  We can't wait to hear from you!

Position: Assistant Florist / Delivery Driver / Flower Shop All-Rounder

Our Purpose 

At Hanson Road Flower Co, we’re here to bring happiness and peace to people’s lives through fresh, beautiful and thoughtfully designed bloom, plants and locally made artisanal products.  By offering an ever changing palette of  captivating colors and floral selections, designed in contemporary, boho, garden style arrangements, we are always offering our clients a reason to continue coming back for something different.  Our aim is to provide more than just a bouquet: we try to effect positive change into the lives of our customers whether they are purchasing flowers as part of their self care routine, or giving them to a loved one for an important occasion.


About the Team

The Hanson Road Team is small but fierce.  We all work closely together to provide a seamless, positive and memorable experience for our clients both behind the scenes, in the shop and on social media.  We also value enjoying our time at work and creating an environment that improves our daily life by contributing positively to each other’s days.   You will work closely with the owner, the shop manager, the plant care specialist, and the florist, hopefully building wonderful relationships along the way. 


About the Role

To begin July 28th, this team role is a permanent part-time ‘foot-in-the-door’ entry level position at Hanson Road with lots of room to grow as the company grows! Every single team member’s role is crucial to the overall success of the business, and we need someone who will be our dependable delivery driver, enthusiastic floral assistant, and can jump in to help out in other departments when another team member is out of commission and during our busy times of year! You will become an All-Rounder, in other words, a ‘Person of all trades’ so that you can help out wherever your skills are needed most at the given time. You will be  responsible for ensuring the smooth & successful delivery of all orders, assisting in the processing of our flowers while learning the basics of floral design and our floral department practices, and being the reliable All-Rounder expert to call on when backup is needed in other departments of the flower shop. The role will involve a minimum of 12-15 hours per week, regular shifts being Wednesday 8am- 1/2pm, and Thursday and Friday from 8am - noon, and additional shifts based on your availability when needed to fill in,  as well as  full-time hours during all of our busy seasons such as the Christmas Season, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving, Women’s Day, Administrative Day, etc, as well as weekends when events are booked.


What you’ll do:

Assist the floral department on Wednesdays:

  • Show up in a timely manner Wednesday mornings to help receive the flower shipment and store it in the basement.

  • Unbox and process loose flowers (carefully remove leaves, trim stems, and place in water).

  • Remove garbage, boxes, and packaging from the basement and place neatly behind the back of the shop.

  • Learn types of flowers and the basic principles of floral design.

  • Make small bouquets to start and bigger ones as you develop your skills and get more practice.

  • Price flowers / bouquets, make flower recipes for each price point.

  • Print, organize, and prepare the order forms for each week. 

  • Be on your feet in cold conditions for long periods of time.


Deliver flowers every Thursday and Friday:

  • Represent Hanson Road to every person that receives a delivery of flowers - you will be the first point of contact for many people and therefore have the wonderful opportunity to make a lasting positive and kind impression on each and every person you deliver flowers to. 

  • Cross-reference every single order form with every single item set out for delivery to make sure each component is accounted for.

  • Prepare arrangements for travel in weather conditions depending on the season.

  • Load arrangements into the vehicle and secure into place for safe travel.

  • Confirm all delivery order details with the floral designer - you will be the last person to review each order before it goes to the recipient so you must ensure timing, size and contact details are correct.

  • Post instagram stories when cheerful and interesting things happen en route! This has been one part of our company that customers have not had a glimpse into and we would like to share it with them going forward! Deliveries are often the most rewarding and emotionally meaningful interactions we have with customers!

  • You will be required to work additional delivery shifts on irregular delivery days during busy floral periods such as the Christmas Season, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving, Women’s Day, Administrative Day, etc, as well as weekends when events are booked.

  • Lift heavy items and carry them long distances up and down stairs and outside in all weather conditions.


All Rounder 

  • Learn the basic fundamentals of each position in the shop including working in the store and making flowers!

  • Fill in when team members are out of town, unable to come in (based on your availability) and support the shop as a whole during our busy seasons by being on the schedule as our ‘All Rounder’ and  using our “triage” system to help where you are needed most when things are working full steam ahead on all fronts. 

  • Understand the general workings of the shop in order to supply backup including running the cash, providing customer service, ordering stock,  answering emails / messages and sharing informative instagram stories and posts when in store!


About you

Critical competencies include:

  • A desire to grow: Dedication, commitment, and the willingness to take on more responsibility driven by the desire to grow and expand your role to a full time position as the company grows. 

  • Understand the client: Enthusiasm for modern, boho style floral design that isn’t available anywhere else in our region and a passion for sharing our unique product with delivery recipients.

  • Building relationships: A natural tendency towards building positive relationships with recipients that you encounter - you will be the face of our company and responsible for embodying our values and positivity. 

  • Passion for our product and service: a genuine love for the small business atmosphere, floral design, plants, locally made products, and the positive impact we make in the community.

  • Attention to detail: You must have an eye for discrepancies between order forms and products.

  • Efficiency:  You must pre-determine the most efficient delivery route and attempt to reduce extra time in between deliveries by taking the most strategic route available.

  • Resourcefulness:  Deliveries won’t always go according to plan, you must be able to problem-solve on the spot to locate recipients or contact clients to ensure deliveries are executed correctly when challenges occur.

  • Caring and commitment: This is a very small company that deals with customers face to face and provides fragile, temperamental and very perishable products. You need to care about the client, the product and the company and be committed to ensuring that every bouquet is delivered in the best condition possible. 


What You’ll Bring With You: 

  • Proven ability to follow instructions to the detail and adapt to challenges on the fly.

  • Thorough attention to detail regarding every component of the delivery process and floral process.

  • Competent and confident driving skills. 

  • Relationship-building capabilities with regular customers.

  • Commitment to being part of our small but fierce, close-knit team!

  • Innovation: we love new ideas and improving existing systems. 

  • A go-getter attitude and initiative for days!!!!


This position description is intended merely as a guideline of the responsibilities involved in the position. The employee is expected to perform any other duties as reasonably required by their Manager.