luminous thanksgiving

Hi! Due to your incredible love and support, our Thanksgiving flowers have sold out online. Thank you SO MUCH, we are forever grateful! We do however have a beautiful selection of luminous walk-ins available on a first come first serve basis with price points starting at $40. These must be purchased in-store as we cannot take orders / reserve bouquets via Instagram, Facebook, or over the phone. We hope you’re able to make the most of this sunny long weekend and can enjoy some cheery blooms!

Store Hours: Tuesday to Friday, 12pm-6pm, Saturday 9am-4pm.

Important - Please Note:  We are in the middle of a massive global flower shortage, with 2 years of weddings being reschedule to this season, and an increase in floral demand at the same time as an extreme decrease in floral availability. “During the onset of the pandemic, there was not enough demand for flowers, which caused mass loss of product and then a huge loss of labor, which meant many farms were lost, many fields were lost, and not enough labor was in place to recover quickly enough." ( Please read here for more information regarding this issue Therefore, we cannot guarantee specific flowers or exact colors, and are finding it especially difficult to source roses right now, therefore the example shown is a representation of size, style and color *palette*, not specific flowers or exact colors.