Toasty Warm & Thankful Bouquet

Toasty Warm & Thankful Bouquet


Please refer to our bouquet guide for a description of our ever-changing bouquets!  Our color palette and floral selection changes every week, with the seasons and availibility. With many covid-related challenges affecting the floral industry in terms of supply and demand, shipping and a world-wide flower shortage, we can't gaurantee you exact colors or flowers, but we CAN guarantee that every bouquet will be beautiful and similar to the palette shown in the photos :) 


Please feel free to browse our 'Add-On' menu of locally made products to include with your order - treat yourself or your loved one with a touch from our local self-care selection <3

  • Bouquet Care Instructions

    1. Cut your flower stems when you get home to suit the height of your vase

    2. Trim flower stems every other day to promote hydration (stems seal over after we cut them just like a cut on our skin would!)

    3. Replace vase with fresh water every other day when you trim your stems.

    4. Remove any blooms that have gone by to encourage longevity in remaining blooms :)