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This week's theme:

Something's Gotta Give: Beach House Vibes☀️🌾🌊

Available for delivery:

Thursday, July 29th or Friday, July 30th between 9am-12pm. 

*You must choose a preferred delivery day, and bouquets will be delivered within the window above.*

Delivery Order Deadline:

8am the morning of preferred delivery.


Delivery Range:

We only deliver within *E3A, E3B and E3C* postal codes in Fredericton. If you input an address outside of this delivery range, it will only offer you 'shop pickup' as an option.

More information:

Please read below for ordering instructions if this is your first time!


Please feel free to browse our 'Add-On' menu of locally made products to include with your order - treat yourself or your loved one with a touch from our local self-care selection <3

In light of the pandemic, we have chosen to only show photos that have inspired our color palette choice each week, instead of displaying examples of possible specific flowers and exact colors that may arrive. In an ever-changing perishable product industry that has been drastically affected by covid-19 in terms of supply and demand, shipping availability and other pandemic-related challenges, we prefer to get you excited about colors and style, instead of promising you particular flowers that may or may not arrive, or arrive in the quality that we strive to provide.  We always post a photo of our live shipment for the week on social media, on Wednesday afternoon once it has been processed, quality checked and treated, for you to see examples of the colors we will be working with. Each bouquet is made with a unique formula of flowers designed to be boho and beautiful, and within the budget of each price point. Our bouquet recipes change throughout the week as we work through our shipment. This is the system that we have found works the best and most simply for the most amount of people, as well as our team during this unprecedented time of pivoting on a nearly weekly basis.

How to order:

1. Choose your bouquet level - use our bouquet guide if you need to!

2. Include your preferred delivery day (Thursday or Friday each week ) when prompted.

2. Using the dropdown menu in your cart (under the order summary) choose 'Fredericton Delivery'. This is the $10 local delivery option within postal zone codes E3A, E3B and E3C.

3. Include any special requests or instructions in the 'add a note' section in your cart.

4.. For the shipping details, use the RECIPIENT'S contact information.  (You will enter your contact information later under billing details.

6. Write your delivery message to the recipient AND their phone number. (Both will go on the envelope attached to the bouquet.)

7. Confirm order. 

Amendments to orders: (i.e. pickup dates, bouquet changes, additional requests etc.) are not guaranteed but we will do our best if we see your email on time. 

Next Step: You will receive a 'Shipping Confirmation' email when your order has been made and is ready to be delivered on your preferred delivery day